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Germán Rosete

The story of Germán Rosete López de Llergo begins in Sinaloa, a Mexican state that he identifies for its exquisite cuisine and its people, among whom he was educated and raised during his childhood and adolescence.

Since he was a boy, Germán was very restless. His curiosity for physical activity was transformed into a passion for sport, this helped him recognize discipline from an early age as an important value.

Of all the sports he played, basketball was one of his favorites, which is why at some point he wanted to be a professional basketball player. However, his path was diverted to another direction.

Upon finishing high school, he decided to study Business Administration at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. There, in the city of Monterrey, his interest in the business world began to consolidate.

His university life was marked by the beginning of several friendships, due to the social character of Germán. In addition, he continued to practice basketball, baseball and track. Exercise and sport continue to be a fundamental axis of his life.

When he was 20 years old, he began his professional career. Although Germán Rosete is today a benchmark in the Mexican business world, at first there were some failures: ventures that failed to consolidate.

However, Germán did not give up and, over time, he experienced better results and, above all, he acquired the necessary experience to get involved in more business projects and form strategic alliances.

All his efforts led him to the founding of Cosmos Global Holding, a company that has managed to make a name for itself in the business world, with several active brands and investors from different origins.

The professional field of Germán Rosete

Germán Rosete has chaired Cosmos Global Holding since its creation in 2012. The corporation maintains successful businesses in different branches, which has led it to consolidate in its almost ten years of existence.

For Cosmos Global Holding, Germán Rosete always had in mind a vision that is still valid, reflected in his name: to make the company grow, with an innovative axis, through participations and international presence.

Cosmos Global Holding houses various companies from different sectors, including energy, technology and real estate.

Currently, the company has a variety of brands around the world, approximately 40. Most of them are Mexican and, among them, there are some that have operations in other countries.

German Rosete, President of Cosmos Global Holding

There is a clear objective for Cosmos Global Holding: to position itself as a leader in a global market. Therefore, as time goes by, the fields of action of the company have diversified.

The branches in which the brands that are part of Cosmos Global Company can be included are:

oil and gas industry

Financial sector

Real estate

Health care

Digital business models

The energy sector and digital businesses have been of special interest to Germán Rosete, as they have proven to be quite active areas and in which innovation is the order of the day. For example, the ever-changing, digital world demands ever more sophisticated solutions.

In the financial sector, the Finecash brand has been in business for a decade. It has worked mainly with the granting of microcredits and serves clients from a dozen states of the Mexican Republic.

Regarding real estate, Cosmica Inmuebles has a presence in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo. Its mission is to provide the best advice in the purchase, rental and sale of properties, as well as in real estate investments.

Within digital businesses, there are investors in the development of applications and digital banking and new monetary models, such as bitcoins. In this way, at Cosmos, we seek to encourage the digital participation of user-focused businesses with monetization capacity.

As can be seen, there is a diversity of businesses at Cosmos Global Holding. Of special interest is the field of energy, because for Germán Rosete it is one of the greatest pride he has in his professional career.

The developer Oleum Energy

Oleum Energy This year celebrates a decade of existence dedicated to the exploitation and processing of crude oil and natural gas. With challenges and opportunities, the company has reached this point solid.

The Oleum Energy brand is present not only in Mexico, but also in the United States and Colombia. In addition to production, investment opportunities are also identified in the energy sector.

The efficiency in the projects, the perspective of innovation and the increase in production have guided the progress of the company. Under the leadership of Germán Rosete, Oleum Energy has grown and remains a safe and strong hydrocarbons company.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge, Cosmos and its brands have successfully overcome obstacles. As a leader, Germán always tries to keep the work teams motivated and is guided by honesty, loyalty and commitment.

Another important aspect in which Germán has performed skillfully is that of investments. He has not only had good experiences for his own movements, but has also advised entrepreneurs and business people.

Being a business leader is a huge responsibility for Germán Rosete. He strives not only to stay up-to-date, but also to broaden his knowledge and reach of what he can contribute to society.

His willingness to help is inserted in the professional field with the implementation of social responsibility initiatives.

The “Ayuda a vivir” Foundation

Germán Rosete does not think of social responsibility as mere altruism; In other words, it is not just about giving financial resources to projects and then disengaging. On the contrary, he prefers that there be participation beyond financing.

Germán Rosete likes to get involved in social responsibility projects: in the photo, we see him living in an inn in“Ayuda a vivir”.

From a close experience, Germán realized a problem that almost did not attract the attention of other people and that does not have an action plan from the institutions involved.

As with other services, a large part of highly specialized medical care is centralized in Mexico. For this reason, hundreds of people a year have to travel from other states to Mexico City.

Of this large number of people, Germán observed that many do not have sufficient resources to pay for a stay in the capital; sometimes they sleep in waiting rooms, even on the floor. These are not very humane conditions for those who seek medical attention or their companions.

In 2012, as part of the Better People for the World Foundation, chaired by Germán, the "Help to live" program was born, which offers a decent stay (accommodation, health services, food and activities) to low-income people who They come to Mexico City to be treated or to accompany their patients.

In its years of operation, “Ayuda a vivir” has provided services to more than 24,000 people. The program operates like this: social work personnel from some specialty hospitals in the capital refer patients and companions to a shelter.

There, men, women, and children not only have access to beds where they can rest and sleep, but also breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all with nutritional content, and showers, so they can clean themselves whenever they want.

The hostel also offers some workshops, such as meditation, yoga, crafts or even thanatology. It is about offering them a decent stay during the duration of the patient's treatment. There are also supports for the return transfer.

Of course, all this is possible to a large extent due to the donations that companies and individuals make. “Ayuda a vivir” plans to expand the capacity of the shelters and build one specifically designed for this purpose.

However, the most immediate challenge is to return to regular operations, since the pandemic has prevented its operation. In 2020, the service could only be maintained in the first quarter, during which just over 1,000 people were served.

Germán Rosete always seeks to get involved as much as possible with the program. He participates in events, celebrations or posadas, to name a few, and listens to his stories, attends to the comments they make about the services.

One of his greatest satisfactions as a person is witnessing the treatment and recovery of children with terrible diseases, such as cancer. Knowing that he was able to help those children and his family in a certain way at that bitter moment motivates him to continue looking for new forms of support.

The private life of Germán Rosete

In the end, after this business facet, Germán Rosete is also a person with tastes and interests like any other. Therefore, to conclude this text, we will tell you some curious facts about him.

Germán Rosete is a fan of dogs as pets, these little animals have accompanied him throughout his entire life, practically.

As a sports enthusiast, one of the benefits I enjoy most about exercise is the energy it provides and the main role it plays in leading a healthy life. Currently, he has daily routines in the gym and practices swimming.

When he has the opportunity on a trip, he likes to swim in the sea. In the winter season, skiing is another of his favorite hobbies. He regularly travels for work commitments; among the places in the world that he knows, Japan is among his favorite countries.

In recent years, mental care has been a priority for Germán. Meditation has become a fundamental activity in his life, as it has been helpful in dealing with stress and in guiding his spiritual growth.

Taking care of the mind also has to do with how it is cultivated. In this sense, Germán especially enjoys books that teach something or that raise questions. Among his favorites is Brian L. Weiss's Many Lives, Many Teachers.

Museums also have a special attraction for him. Of the several that he has visited, he always returns to the National Museum of History of Mexico, located in the Chapultepec Castle, for its architecture and contents.

Regarding the movies, he declares himself a fan of the Star Wars saga, because in addition to being entertaining, he sees valuable social comments in it. His favorite band is The Beatles and he always includes it in his playlists.

An animal lover, he has always had dogs as pets. Dogs demonstrate a very important value for Germán: loyalty. Outside of companion animals, he greatly admires dolphins.

Finally, like every human being, he has flaws: according to him, lack of patience is the most serious. Fortunately, meditation techniques have given her tools to counteract his impatience.

In his future projection, Germán Rosete sees himself with a family of his own, with more professional projects and willing to continue contributing to society. If he is ever remembered, Germán would like him to be like a person who always sought to improve in all aspects.

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