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Business leadership and crises

The reality we are facing in the business world in the midst of the pandemic has prompted a change in guidelines, habits and practices that will have an impact even after it is declare the end of the health crisis.

In this sense, it seems to me that, as business leaders, we have a strong responsibility. I think of three relevant aspects:

1. Remote work dynamics require more trust in workers, this is something that must be strengthened and maintained to overcome authoritarian leadership and thus encourage a climate of trust.

2. Technology has been an essential ally. However, it is the people who count and make it work. The usefulness of training and updates should not be lost sight of.

3. As a leader, it is important to form professional work teams that create a sense of belonging and value in workers. Although it may have been done remotely, when they return to face-to-face work, they will have to adapt to more collaborative work that encompasses more significant tasks.

After all, companies function precisely to the extent that those who make them up do their part and structure an effective organization.

A fundamental aspect of good leadership is also crisis management. Based on my experience and through dialogue with others, I find the following guidelines helpful in times of uncertainty:

Accepting a problem works better than avoiding or denying it. To achieve this successfully, a good management of emotions is important.

Conveying security is an essential aspect. Although the problem or risk is recognized, an image of security must be given from the leadership so that the entire team remains attentive to their work.

Communication, at its different levels and according to the responsibilities of each person, is a factor that must be taken care of enough to achieve the two previous points.

As a leader, a clear mind that listens to reasons, handles emotions well, and expresses solidarity with the feelings of others helps a lot to make decisions and move towards the pertinent solutions.

Don't forget that every company, every business and even every person can go through a moment of crisis. You have to anticipate it: a professional team, well formed and that feels heard and considered, will be essential to help you navigate in those moments and reach a good port.

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