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Business cybersecurity

For many companies, the post-pandemic world means a revaluation of remote work. This has been accompanied by accelerated digitization for various companies and remote work.

Among the challenges of working remotely, cyberattacks rank at the forefront. Therefore, cybersecurity has become more of a necessity than just an option. Here I give you three recommendations to face the problem of digital criminals:

1. Invest in communication strategies and training so that all employees are aware of good practices in cybersecurity.

2. Explore the cybersecurity options that exist, such as insurance policies against cyber risks.

3. Conduct regular cyber security assessments. It seems obvious, but sometimes we forget that the fact of implementing a security system does not mean that it will be effective forever.

As a business leader, encourage your employees to raise awareness about this issue, not only because of its implications for the company, but also because of the risk to their personal data.

In this sense, I share this practical report prepared by PWC Mexico, Digital Trust Insights 2021, where you can see several relevant figures based on the position of business executives in Mexico regarding digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Don't forget that cyberattacks have become a big threat since many companies have left it as a secondary issue; which offers opportunities to criminals.

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